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A little teaser for this Sundays episode of The Kayak Fishing Show

April 9, 2014

This Sunday April 13 on WFN we air our episode shot out at San Clemente Island.
We jumped on board Islander Sportfishing with my Jackson Kayak Teammates Drew Gregory, Jameson Redding and Jerrod McGehee plus my friend Paul Lebowitz from Kayak Fish Magazine, for some fun action.
Calico bass were the main target but we added yellowtail and halibut to the mix.
Check out this trailer to the fun episode.

Cool New promo video for The Kayak Fishing Show

April 2, 2014

This is the new ad running on WFN promoting season five of Jackson Kayaks Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons.
I have the pleasure of fishing with some of the greatest guys around while shooting this show. Lines like my friend Sean White has at the end of the ad always has us laughing!!!!

The Show starts airing this Sunday April 6th, I hope you enjoy it.

New Episodes of The Kayak Fishing Show coming soon!!!

April 1, 2014

Great new seasons for The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons on WFN and The Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge on NBC sports will begin airing very soon.
Our first episode of Jackson Kayaks Kayak Fishing show begins airing on WFN on Sunday April 6th at 6:00am EST with four more airings during that week.
Seaguar presents The Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge begins airing on NBCsports on Wednesday April 9th at 12:30pm EST.
Thanks to all of our great sponsors for helping to make this happen.

The Kayak Fishing show on WFN

The Kayak Fishing show on WFN

EKFC 2014 Episode 1 poster

Our complete airing schedule for the season

Our complete airing schedule for the season

KFS WFN Airing Schedule 2014

If you want to stay up to date on all we are up to, visit us on The Kayak Fishing Show Facebook Page.

Visit The Kayak Fishing show website for a sneak peak at our new show intro.

Panama, a kayak anglers paradise!

March 19, 2014

Panama Sunset

I have been to Panama to kayak fish three times, twice with Pesca Panama and most recently with Paddle Panama, and I can say honestly it is one of my top destinations.

The quantity, quality and variety of fish is like no other place I have been.
Unlike my first two trip with Pesca Panama, the trip with Paddle Panama is a land based “camping” trip in a remote area known as Bahia Honda.

On the trip with me were James McBeath from Jackson Kayak and Ben Roussel one of my Jackson Kayak teammates. Both James and Ben have already written up their reports on the trip as seen below.
Bens Panama Blog
James Panama blog.

The guys were great to fish with and we had a wonderful time.
Some highlights of the trip for me were figuring this new fishery out, switching to vertical jigging and really getting the fish to bite. Thank goodness for my Raymarine fish finder to help me locate then stay on top of the deep structure. It made all the difference in the world.

Going bendo on the vertical jig.

Of course getting my personal best Roosterfish is something I will not soon forget. I knew it was a big one so I got the guys in the camera boat to weigh it for me. We hung it from my 60 pound rated Boga grip and it went well past the 60 mark, we guessed it was around 70-75 pounds.

Jims personal best Roosterfish.

You can see some of that great fight and more on this short video report from our trip.

If you want a little adventure and the shot at some great fish you really should give Panama a try.

Nor Cal Road Trip Part 2

February 26, 2014

Jim with a nice Clear Lake large mouth

After Leaving Lake Shasta we headed down to Clear Lake to meet up with my friends Sean White and Terry Gowen. Terry lives at the late and was our gracious host for a couple days.

The water in the lake was very cold and though we tossed a lot of lures we just were not getting bites. The first day on the lake was nice for about an hour but the wind kicked in and made things tough for us, well for most of us. Sean still managed to keep the fish biting while soaking minnows.

Sean with one of his many bass he got on day one at Clear Lake

When the wind came up too strong it was nice to have a nice little bar and grill right at our take out to enjoy some grub while waiting for the evening glass off.

Warm Chowder and cold beers

The evening glass off came late but the fishing was more productive and we all managed to pull in some nice fish.

Nice evening bass

Day two on Clear Lake was dead calm and the bite much better, you can see how this lake has such a great reputation for big bass. Just to up our odds Terry worked on the karma points by also doing a little lake clean up.

Terry with his Karma points tire

And the Karma pays off

Jims biggest bass of the trip

Quantity and Quality at Clear Lake

Terry mixed it up with a nice kitty cat

After more fish than we could count it was time to head in and dump some trash.

We had two great days at Clear Lake with Sean and Terry and had one more day left to fish on our CA Road Trip. We headed a bit further south to Lodi California to fish the Delta with Bam Miller.

Fishing the Delta was a bit different from the lakes we had been fishing, this was more overgrown canals. Though the fishing was really slow it was a great place to paddle and we saw a ton of wild life. We managed a few fish each, made a new friend and got to fish a new area, I call that a success

Jim fishing the Delta

One of the many owls that buzzed us during the day

Will got this great shot of one of the Owls

Another Owl shot

Our new friend Bam Miller fishing from the Jackson Kilroy

One of Jims Delta Bass

We had a great day on the water on the Delta but it was about time to head home.
We drove about two thousand miles on the trip and had a wonderful time. I can’t thank the guys enough that helped us out on the trip. I cant wait to come up and fish with you all again. Perhaps not during a drought next time. Still want to get on the rivers after the steal head.

Heading home.

Nor Cal Road Trip Part One

February 3, 2014

California Road trip

Because we had to cancel a couple shoots this year due to some bad weather at the planned locations we decided to hit the road in my home state of California to visit and fish with some friends and teammates at the northern end of the state.

On the first day of the trip we stopped at Liquipel to get an introduction to their product and get some of our gear treated. For those of you that have not heard of Liquipel it is a micro coating that can be used on many items including electronics to protect it from water. Here is a little sample video from their site.

Not only do they have this coating but also have skins to protect your phone screen from damage. We dropped a large ball bearing on the screen of a phone and had no damage. I see this a perhaps a great addition to a fish finder screen. They even had a treatment for fabric that has huge potential to us paddlers.

Checking out the goods at Liquipel

After our tour of Liquipel it was back on the road for a quick stop in Santa Barbara to visit an old friend for lunch then the long haul up to Shasta Lake. All told we had a 17 hour day to get to our most northern location for the trip. Thanks goodness for truck stop coffee, Dukes beef jerky and Bigs sunflower seeds.

At Shasta Lake we were hosted by my Jackson Kayak fishing teammate Jeff Baker. Our initial plan was to spend a day drifting and fishing the Sacramento river and half a day fishing Lake Shasta but as always plans are subject to change. Our normal issue on trips is we tend to get followed by rain, but not on this trip. Just so happens we decided to go fishing during the worst drought California has seen in years. Because of this there simply was not enough water to drift the river, so we spent our first day on Lake Shasta. Now Shasta does have pretty big fluctuations in water level anyway but as you can see in the picture below it was beyond low on our visit.

Note the normal water line up near the trees


On a positive note we didn’t have to use the boat launch just pulled my Malone trailer right up to the water any place on the lake

We set up to troll for trout and had a second rod for tossing lures for bass. The trolling set up was a dodger above a small hoochie which gave off a really good flash and action at paddling speed. The wind came up pretty early so we ducked into cover when we could tossing lures hoping for bass in the frigid 46 degree water. I decided to throw a small Sebile magic swimmer soft as I could fish it weedless around the heavy structure. Well of course while fishing for bass I manage to catch a trout on the magic swimmer. These lures will catch anything. That trout was the only fish we managed to catch that day as the wind really came up hard and pushed us off the water. I didn’t even get a photo of the fish because the slimy bugger slipped out of my hands before we got the camera out.

Lake Shasta is a man made lake so there are a lot of submerged trees and even a submerged town in the lake. With my Raymarine Dragonfly fishfinder I was able to get some screen grabs that really show off the structure. It was pretty amazing the detail I got from this unit.

Split screen view of my Dragonfly fishfinder.

Because we were off the water fairly early we decided to stop by Headwaters, the kayak shop that Jeff works at to get a look at their line of Jackson kayaks as well as a closer look at the new Jackson Big Rig.

Checking out the Jackson white water boats and the new Big Rig

The next day we hit up another lake in the Shasta Lake area and had much better luck, as least as far as the wind and weather goes. We tried the same routine trolling for trout and casting for bass but this day I had no luck at all while Jeff landed several trout and a Pikeminnow, which I had never seen before.

Jeff Baker with a nice sized Pikeminnow

After about five hours on the water we loaded up the truck and headed to Clearlake to fish with my friends Sean White and Terry Gowan, but I will save that story for the next installment.

Huge thanks to Jeff, his wife and their lovely daughter for hosting us and for letting us crash at their house. I hope I can return the favor if the come to San Diego.

Turn a Jackson JKrate into an awesome Kayak Bait tank

January 7, 2014

I have a habit of looking at any container that could fit on the back of my kayak and figuring out if it would make a good bait tank. Well Jackson Kayak made an awesome container called the JKrate to fit on the back of their kayaks and the guys at OEX Kayaks in San Diego helped me turn it into an awesome bait tank.

Turn This plain JKrate

Turn This plain JKrate

Into this Awesome Bait tank

Into this Awesome Bait tank

With these parts

With these parts

The first step is placing the Jkrate in the back of the intended kayak and figure out the orientation that you will need to use.
Once that if figured you may need to remove the side handles and relocate to the other sides, this is easy as the JKrate has inserts in the plastic to screw into.

Simple task of moving the handle

Simple task of moving the handle

The next step for me was to rearrange the bungee that secures the lid, when new there is a lot of excess bungee that allows the lid to come a long way off, I wanted to keep the lid tighter. So a couple loops on one end and another on the other side to hold it down and it was done.

loose bungee

loose bungee

bungee redo, when finished there will be a loop on the closer end going to a small hook

bungee redo

The next step was to add the three position rod holder to the back, I like them so the top of the rod holder is just above the lid, you also need to make sure that the holes don’t hit the inserts in the tank.

adding the rear rod holders

adding the rear rod holders

Next we attached the small Pelican case which will hold the 6v 12amp battery and the power switch. Before attaching to the JKrate you will need to drill it out for the waterproof switch, and waterproof wire connector. You will also drill two holes to match the inserts in the tank as that is what you will you to attach the case to the tank.

Switch and wire connector.

Switch and wire connector.

attaching case to tank

attaching case to tank

You will need to drill three larger holes in the tank next, one for the adjustable spray head, one for the upper overflow and one for the drain. The height of the overflow will determine the amount of water you carry so you can put it as high or low as you wish, depending how much weight you want to carry or the size of your bait.

mounting the adjustable spray head

mounting the adjustable spray head

inside look at the adjustable spray head

inside look at the adjustable spray head

overflow mounted on side with added hose.

overflow mounted on side with added hose.

Now we attach the hose and bilge pump, I like to run the wires for the pump up inside the hose this has a much cleaner look and avoids the use of zip ties.

a look at the pump

a look at the pump

See the wires inside the hose

See the wires inside the hose

some shrink tubing and goop where the wire comes out of the hose. And wire connectors with shrink fitting as well

some shrink tubing and goop where the wire comes out of the hose. And wire connectors with shrink fitting as well

Run your wires from the switch through the water tight connector and hook it up and you are almost done.

I decided to add a couple more single rod holders to the sides of the tank, one for holding my gaff and one for holding a bait net.

Gaff holder

Gaff holder

bait net holder

bait net holder

Here is a look at how the battery fits in the Pelican case

Water tight Battery Box

Water tight Battery Box

Marine Goop was used on all connections and holes to keep things as water tight as possible.
The build took about an hour to complete.
And here you have a few shots of the finished product.

The JKrate is now a JTank

The JKrate is now a JTank


I can’t thank the guys at OEX Kayaks and Kayak Fishing Supplies enough for their help with this project.
Here is a list of the parts we used for the bait tank prodject, all of which are available at Kayak Fishing Supplies.
Power: 6 Volt 12 AMP battery
Case: Pelican 1060 solid waterproof case
Switch: Cole Herse waterproof toggle switch with boot cover
Pump: Rule 360GPH
-Wire seal on Battery Box
-16G marine grade wire
-Adjustable aerator intake fitting
-1 1/2″ overflow strainer fitting
-3 rod rack system
-2 single stage rod holders
-polyethylene wrapped bungee
-3/4″ tubbing with SS hose clamp (2)
-1 1/12″ hose (1)
-SS nuts and bolts
- coleman cooler drain


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