The Game Begins…

_ak2522200971Welcome to the ‘Kayak Fishing: Game On 2’ blog spot. ‘Exofficio Presents; Kayak Fishing: Game On‘ followed the amazing adventures of professional kayak angler Jim Sammons as he ventured across North America in search of fun, friends and big fish.

The film is out now, and if you haven’t seen it…um.. well… go get a copy, gather up your fishing buddies and prepare to have your socks removed by explosives… explosive fishing action that is!

But the adventure for the Kayak Fishing: Game On crew has only just begun. Myself, Jim and the rest of the team have already begun another incredible adventure, and this is where you can get all the details, as they happen.

For the next year we will be traveling all over the place, with kayaks, fishing rods.. and hopefully.. fish. We just got back from an epic time in Texas (which I will let Jeff Herman fill you in on the details) and are about to head off to Panama. 

The plan is to keep you all up to date with the latest antics, photos and videos from all our trips. For now… the boys out here are gonna hit the water and do a little fishing before the rest of the locals manage to get the snow off their motorboats.


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