ExOfficio Gear for Panama!


Packing all our stuff in the tiny bushplane

Packing all our stuff in the tiny bushplane

One of the best things about making the ‘Kayak Fishing: Game On’ movies is that we get to take ExOfficio clothing with us on all our shoots, and this season is no exception. Today in the mail everything we needed for the Panama trip arrived in a big brown box, and none of us could resist tearing it open and trying on all the new goodies. It’s like christmas for fisherman here at the office.


Why do we love our ExO clothes so much? Well. Listen.

1. Traveling as much as we do we need stuff that packs light. Jim carries about 3 bags full of fishing gear on every trip, and I have to lug about 50 lbs of camera gear to every location. With the way that airlines kill you over extra baggage nowadays, space is at a premium and that doesn’t leave much room for clothes. This stuff packs super lights and after about 10 minutes on your back it comes out wrinkle free,

2. We film all day on the water most days. Solid clothing that dries fast is a must. This stuff dries really fast… I mean super duper stupid fast. I remember when I first got my Amphi shorts wet and I thought.. damn.. now  I’m gonna be wet and grumpy for the rest of the day. I was dry in about ten minutes. Seriously. ON top of that, it can take a beating and sheds salt water like it is made of oilcloth.


3. Sun and Bugs. Most of the stuff we choose to wear on these trips must have good UV protection, and in places like Panama where mosquito carrying viruses are a real danger we have to do everything we can to keep them from biting us. ExO comes thru again with well ventilated long sleeved shirts that are infused with bug repellant. When Greg Bowdish told us last year to make sure we got long sleeved shirts for Florida, we thought he was nuts… but after the very first day on the water wearing a long sleeve ‘air strip’ shirt with the collar up to cover my neck and the sleeves rolled down, I will never go short sleeved on a sunny day again. I actually felt cooler in that shirt than I did wearing a t-shirt.

4. This stuff is super high quality, full of pockets, and my girlfriend doesn’t hate how it looks…. nuff said.

ExO sent us some of their new stuff to try out this year, and you will bet we will be wearing it all the time.  This season you will see the team sporting ‘Reefrunner‘ shoes from their new line of hardcore footwear, ‘Neptune‘ T-shirts and because none of us could resist…’Give-N-Go‘ underwear.. well lets just hope that the undies don’t show up in the movie… much…


Jim sportin' his undies

Jim sportin' his undies

Thanks ExO, You people rock.


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