Panama Trip follow up

Game On 2 Kayak Fishing in Panama

I have received a few emails asking for more details on how the trip was run and some logistics.
We arranged out own flights into Panama city all other flight and transfer arrangements were handled by Pesca Panama
We flew into Panama City; we were met by a driver that took us to a very nice hotel Casino for the night. We were up early and met in the lobby at 5:00 am the next morning and were driven to a smaller airport to jump a plane to David. This was all arraigned by Pesca Panama and is included in the price of the trip.
For those making this trip be prepared to cough up some extra coin for your baggage at this point. Your Rod tube better not be much over seven feet or it may not make it on the plane and there are fees for bags over 30 pounds.
After the one hour flight we were met in David by several drivers to pick us up and load our gear. It was just a ten minute drive to the barge. I am reluctant to call it a barge because it was very nice.
We loaded and prepped our kayaks and gear put them on the small boats and headed out fishing by 8:30 am. The barge then moved to an island where we met it that night. We were never near any populated areas after that and saw no one other than our group of five fishing boats, and rarely saw them other than back at the barge. You could fish from dawn till dusk if you chose to, we usually were the last ones off the barge each day. Wanting to let the paying customers get going without us in the way, yeah right, we were just too tired to get going after spending 12 hours in the kayaks.
Here is a shot of the fishing boats.
Pesca Panama fishing boats
As soon as the last fishing boat was away from the barge it would head to another location were we would meet it later that night.
The accommodations on the barge though not five star were very comfortable, though a little cramped when we were all trying to get ready to go. We slept four to a room with two bunk beds in each room. Take a hint get in the room first and get the bottom bunk.
cabin on Pesca Panama
The crew on the barge and the fishing boats were all top notch and were there to help us at every turn.
Most every night the bar tender, Jamie, was at the rail handing us our first rum and coke as we stepped off the fishing boat and would have your second one in your hand at the first sound of clinking ice cubes. Meals were served as you arrived in the open air on the front of the barge.
dining area on Pesca Panama
The food was awesome, generally some form of fresh fish, seared Tuna, baked Wahoo etc… We were often served ceviche or sashimi as an appetizer. Breakfasts were served as you awoke and again it was filling and good.
One night we got slammed by weather and ate inside then watched a great movie called Game On 1, you may of heard of it. 🙂
inside Pesca Panama
They had a nice flat screen TV and a library of movies. We really didn’t use this area of the barge much just on that rainy night.
We had our lunches out on the boats which were generally sandwiches or burritos and snacks, there was also a well stocked cooler on the boat loaded with waters, sodas, juices and beers.
This place is made to fish and you spent little time on the barge and a lot of time out fishing in some of the most spectacular areas I have ever seen. Picture fishing next to a waterfall for snook while listening to Howler monkeys in the jungle, simply amazing.

Ken fishing for snook

Jim fishing for snook

There were two showers on the barge and each night you could just toss your clothes in the hamper and they would be clean for you the next afternoon, meaning we could have brought a lot less clothes with us then we did. This was a great addition to their already fantastic service.
Unfortunately the trip came to an end all too fast and the process was reversed on the last day. We fished till noon, which gave us five and a half amazing days of fishing, then ran all the way back to David where we met the barge, had lunch, packed, plane back to Panama city, Hotel for the night and head home.
In Panama City I am sure you need to treat it just like any big city but we all felt very safe there.
What a great trip it was. I would go back in an instant.
If you plan on making this trip as a kayak angler, you can expect to out fish the bigger boats on the incredible inshore fishing, many of the places we hit the boats just couldn’t get to and these fish had never seen a lure. These fish hit hard and pulled hard so expect to lose a fair number of lures, bring strong gear and load up with Powerpro and at least 40 pound leaders, even then you will get hit by fish you just can’t stop before they bust you off.
The kayaks they have there are OK Trident 13’s with seats and two flush mounts. I found it very nice to have my Shimano bait tank with me, not as a bait tank but as extra rod holders and storage. It was also great to have a portable fish finder to stay in safe areas. There were spots that seemed very safe then the bottom would jump up and you would have large breaking waves out in the middle of a large bay.
For those long days on the water you will appreciate an extra seat pad and your own Carbon fiber paddle. I have a Lendal that breaks down to five pieces that makes it great for travel.
Feel free to contact me directly if you have any specific questions about the trip.
I know this location is going to make a great segment to Kayak Fishing Game On 2.

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