Fear the Yakkers Montana… FEAR THEM!

Hey everyone,

This last week has been a mad scramble to get everyone ready to head out to Montana. Jim packed up his truck and all the kayaks yesterday… He and his son Randy are driving across the great and wonderful USA. I am sure they will have plenty of crazy road trip stories to tell us when they arrive.

This is gonna be an exciting trip for us. Not only do we get to be some of the first folks to dump our Ocean Kayaks in to Ennis Montana’s trout filled waters, but we get to do it with the local pioneer of kayak fly fishing CG Feldman. This man is a local legend, and he hopes to show us why.

Not only that, we are being joined by our favorite texan Bubba, Jeff ‘Birdsnest’ Herman and my partner in crime Kendal Larson, who is gonna be taking the pictures that make Jim look good. The hope is that we all have a chance to post here and tell you about our exploits over the next week and a half. But first things first… we gotta get there.

Kendal, Jeff and I will be arriving Saturday afternoon in Bozeman, load the flyrods in the rental and zip out to meet Jim. We are staying with the wonderful folks at Rainbow Valley Lodge. These folks have been super good to us, check out their site, and book your fly fishing vacation with them! Honestly, these are some of the nicest folks I have ever talked to, and they really have bent over backwards to help us out.

The Lodge

The Lodge

So, once again it is gear packing time. Jeff will be packing up a full contingent of Temple Fork Outfitters rods and reels, and Rio Flyline. Jim just got a shipment of shiny new waders from Hodgeman, which he has been drooling over for months. ExOfficio is setting us up with the perfect clothes for flyfishing… so we don’t look like bums out there, and just to make sure we can see the fish, we will be wearing polarized sunglasses, thanks to Maui Jim.We are so happy with the excitement from all these folks about what we are doing this year, that we want you all to know about it. With the TV show on the horizon, and another movie on the way, we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to everyone for helping us fish better and look like we know what we are doing.

I just received an email from CG yesterday telling me that the hatch is going off right now and the flyfishing has been INSANE. Looks like we will get a bit of rain for the first couple of days, but smooth sailing from there on in.. and besides.. what kind of Game On shoot would it be without a little foul weather? Here is a pic of CG with a beauty of a trout… ignore the boat, we will be fixing him up with an Ocean Kayak Trident 13 when we get there.

ennis lake rainbow

Tons more to tell you, so keep an eye on the page over the next few days! We should be doing tons of live blogging and tweeting from the water.

Follow us on twitter… yeah thats right.. we twitter now, either on this page on the right hand bar —>

or at http://twitter.com/yakfishmovie

Wish for fish!



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