The first episode has aired and the reviews are in.

After the airing of our first episode of The Kayak Fishing Show, I went looking around some of the kayak fishing web sites for some reviews of the show. What I found were mostly fantastic reviews mixed with a few suggestions. Thought I would share some of those reviews with you.

“Just finished watching it on my DVR and the segment was great, can’t wait to see some more.”

That was great!! I have set my DVR to record the whole series.. The 1st episode was really good ,informative and got me nuts since I will be in Panama next week targeting similar species,, Great Job Jim , Congrats , you should be proud!!

Great episode. I saw pics of that episode in kayakfishing magazine. Please give us a heads up for future episodes. The kayak surfing session looked like lots of fun. Something I want to get into this summer.

Now if this doesn’t set a new standard in fishing shows, I don’t know what does! It’s been a long time since I voluntarily watched those dingbats in their $50,000 bass boats yanking out 4 lb. smallies on 30 lb. braid, but still, they’re never ending on WFN. What a kickoff for this series!

What I found good? No deception. They went to Baja, ran into bad weather and reported honestly on what happened during their filming week. A 250 lb. marlin from a kayak? Unbelievable!

I have to agree DGW, is was an honest a varied cast that represented what you can expect when out.. I enjoyed the tips of the day for both Ocean Kayak and Exofficio.. great show and looking forward to more

Pour it on. Looking forward to the Ottawa segment next week.

“Well done Jim, I really enjoyed that. And kudos to Ken and Will at Heliconia Press for bringing this to TV.”

“Good show, now I’m pumped to go yaking.”

Just watched the show in spectacular HD. Looked great! Really showed the size of Howard’s fish – huge! Loved the Heliconia produced commercials. Even C&K got in the act.
Paul Lebowitz

just enjoyed the first episode of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons. Congrats to producer Ken Whiting and director Will Richardson and all the folks at Heliconia Press.

Just saw your show, man! Marlin from a yak? who’da thunk it? Kudos to you guys!!! That’s it, that’s all: come this summer, I’m goin’ after the northern bluefin tunas! Lol!

Great show, Jim! Can’t wait until next week’s episode!

Well that did not disappoint! Howard McKim with a hammerhead, Ken with a beauty roosterfish, then a Howard and Matt double up on a couple marlin… makes me wish it wasn’t January

My hats off to Jim and the lads at Heliconia Press. Game On II should be quite impressive.

Excellent show guy’s.

Enjoyed the show, nice cameo shot of Jamie and a ski. I especially like the tips of the week. Great for promoting the sport and getting new folks to cross over. I want to go to Baja tomorrow 4 hours on one fish I will be glued to each show as with Jamie’s. Was it me or did it seem they where pretty calm landing these fish. You would have heard me in the jungles of South America if I hooked into any of those beast.

I enjoyed the show this morning, great way to start the day.

I just added the channel last night to get the show, and it was well worth it.

…Great Show

jim, you are the man….keep up the good work.

Congrats Jim,
Really fine job. You should be proud. keep it up you make us look good.

As a HYBERNATOR in JERSEY, I will welcome any KAYAK FISHING adventure/show to pass the time during the winter months.
I’m glad that this is a beginning of a fruitfull adventure. I hope that many more excitefull shows will come forward.

I give it a 8/10 due to the fact that it’s nice to finally watch kayak fishing on tv while I’m nicely iced in here in Ontario and my kayak is buried by 2′ of snow in the backyard.

Heliconia are monsters! Really impressive!

All I can say is “IT’S ABOUT TIME!” Congrats, guys!

To who it may concern..
WOW what a show the other night,
that show on kayak fishing,I fish out of my kayak all the time,but have never seen anything like the saltwater fishing they where
doing,,That show rocks,,Hope to see more of that show.. thanks for the Awesome show and keep up the Great work at WFN

I am so glad folks liked our show and thanks for the kind words. We are always happy to hear input or suggestions so please send them our way.
In next weeks episode we will be on the Ottawa river, running white water and fishing for Pike. You will even get to see me almost drown, which is great TV and fun to talk about now but was the single most scary thing ever to happen to me. I hope you enjoy this next episode of Ocean Kayak presents The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons

Jim Sammons

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