Some Kayak Fishing Videos

Some kayak fishing videos to get you excited about our sport or just to kill some time. Some of these are bits of our show, some are old videos of mine, some from our friends and some I just found on Youtube. Some are instructional, some of them exciting and some just funny, we have a few here from locations around the world. I know there are a lot more out there, many of which you can find linked off of these. So if you are stuck in doors with lousy winter weather, this should help you pass the time until you can get out on the water.

The Kayak Fishing Show Trailer

Game On 1 Trailer

Howard’s Blue Marlin from Game On

Matt’s Marlin from Game On

Kayak Kevin’s DVD trailer Kayak Fishing Chesapeake Bay

Kayak fishing Surf Wipe out instructional video

Exploding the waders of death myth

Kayak Fishing Record Dorado

Matt’s first Kayak Marlin

Nootka Sound Annual Kayak Fishing Derby higher resolution

Kayak Fishing at Rancho Leonero

Goose Attacks Pro Kayak Angler Drew Gregory

Kayak Fishing for Salmon Sharks, Alaska ’07

Insane surf launch in New Zealand

Kayak Fishing for Sturgeon

Whale under the kayak

Worst ever kayak surf launch attempt

Kayak fishing for skate


Bonefish Kayak Fly fishing

Kayak Fishing on San Diego Bay

Halibut from a kayak – Pacific City, Oregon

Kayak Sailfish in FL

kayak fishing in Baja

Kayak Fly Fishing in Montana Video

If you have some video you think we should see please post them in the comments section. I hope these helped you pass the time and you enjoyed them.

Jim Sammons
Host of
The Kayak Fishing Show presented by Ocean Kayak


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