The Kayak Fishing Show seen World Wide

How is this for crazy. Besides our normal distribution in the US and Canada on WFN and NBC sports The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons will now be available in Italy, Spain, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Chad, Djibouti, Morocco, Tunisia, Somalia Mauritania. Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, and we are in the works with Japan and China. Now if only we could get Cox cable to carry it in San Diego.
Amazing to think of how this sport has grown since I started so many years ago, and how it has really exploded over the past five years. Thanks everyone for watching and for helping us spread the word on the sport we love.


  1. Hey, what about us U.S. military troops stationed in Germany? Fishing from a kayak
    is kinda difficult at best here. I live vicariously
    through your YouTube shorts. We need the whole show!

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