Month: October 2013

Big Game in Baja

Terry Gowen with the First Marlin from a Jackson Kayak. With an assist from Sean White (on the right)

We have just returned from my home away from home Rancho Leonero on Baja’s East Cape. The first week of the trip was one the guided trips I run down here each year and the second part of the trip was to shoot an episode of my show.

On the guided trip we had a group of anglers that were dedicated to catching big game fish only, which, when you move up the food chain, means less action. Everyone on the trip understood this but stuck to their guns of only targeting big game and to leave the little fish alone. Targeting these big fish also means hours of paddling, trolling live baits in the hopes of a hookup. The goal was to catch Marlin with the possible by catch of tuna and dorado.

We had fairly rough seas and a real mix of weather, from rain and wind to blazing sun but everyone stayed on task. The results of their dedication paid out with six marlin hooked and three landed plus several dorado and skipjack.

Some of our crazy weather

Some of our crazy weather

Bad weather makes for great sunsets

Bad weather makes for great sunsets


Sean practicing kiss and release on another nice billfish

Sean practicing kiss and release on another nice billfish

After the clients left it was my turn to fish and shoot some video for the show. My videographer Will Richardson, second camera Kelsey Thompson and Yakattacks Luther Cifers arrived to shoot with Sean and I.

The first afternoon was spent rigging up the new Jackson Cuda 14’s with Yakattack gear, and a couple cold Pacificos were consumed in the process.

Rigging Party

Luther rigging up my BlackPak

It was very hot out

Our plan on the trip was the same as my guided trip, Go Big or Go Home.
Though the fishing was not great we landed two Marlin and a bunch of dorado, which we had cooked up for us for dinner, and packed up some to bring home.

Putting in some miles off Punta Arena

Luther with his first Dorado from a kayak

Keeping my energy up

Look my fish matches my boat

My first Marlin from a Jackson Kayak, with an assist from Sean.

I got to return the favor helping Sean land his fish the next day.

Nothing better than helping a friend land their first Marlin from a kayak.

This never gets old

I never get tired of visiting and fishing at Rancho Leonero and fishing with my good friend and boat captain Alonso Castro Mackliz.

Rancho Leonero from the water

Jim and Alonso at the end of another great trip

If interested in joining me on one of my yearly trips to the East Cape please look me up at