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2 Days in Lake Traverse

Hit The Petawawa System with Jim and the Heliconia boys yesterday. We fished from noon Saturday yesterday until early Sunday afternoon . We caught 7 muskies, had 6 other fish follow and broke off 2 on bass gear. Insane action out there….

Yesterday Jim and Ken both caught their first skis about an hour apart. ( Jim Also scored one beautiful Smallmouth bass) I was a happy man, so nice to see someone excited about catching a new species of fish let alone two guys catch ” the fish of 10,000 casts both within an hour.. …  The sun went down I scored a small one on a spook ( 28″ or so…)

We woke up Sunday feeling refreshed, it was one really cold night to be sleeping outside. We had fish on film but wanted a bigger one. Jim and I trolled baits back to where we had action the night before and it did not take long for my bait to get nailed. It sounded like a toilet bowl flushing…

In she came a nice 42″ ski, our biggest of the trip. Huge head skinny body… she jumped 3 times and swallowed my bait. I cut out all three trebles and off she went.
I scored 2 more fish with the guys then headed back to the launched and caught a 33″ right near the launch…

The crew is heading down river until Thursday, they should be in for more action- White Water and stretches of river that get little to no fishing pressure. Stay tuned for more from Game on 2. Thanks for having me up guys and Lisa! It was a blast

Here are a few shotsbear warning

Musky fishing report- Ottawa area

Well, it had been a while since I had caught a musky in my Prowler and it was time. Early June means one thing- A time to try out all the new baits I have bought over the winter ( and sharpened several times).

I launched at 4:45 am and had until 730 to get into some Esox action. ( My daughter had soccer practice at 9 am)

morning river morning river

It was a calm morning and I had the river all to myself. Alot less pressure then filming GAME ON 1… this was training for the second DVD shoot we are doing in September.  I had 2 sets up hook cutters with me and a new set of pliers ( just in case). I brought a small mix of baits with me – jerkbaits, topwaters and some spinnerbaits.

Did not take long for a small musky to find my offering . I saw a gold flash beside my kayak and started my figure 8. BAM! she is hooked and quickly is landed. A quick solo photo and back in she goes .

cute musky cute musky

Nothing better that a musky landed by 515 AM- the pressure was off. I paddled up river and tried to located some green weeds. The spring was a cold and wet one and weed growth in the river is a few weeks behind.

Getting ready to go, I finally gave in and said last cast…as soon as my spinnerbait hit the water it was Game On… a great fight, 2 jumps and in she comes.

here she comes here she comes


A nice 38″ musky. Thank you to the kind gentleman paddling by for taking a quick photo.

No big fish but sure nice to get two in a short time frame and start the season off right and with no injuries