Author: kenwhiting

Through the 1990's, Ken became one of the most recognized and respected whitewater athletes in the world. Ken was the 1997/98 World Freestyle Kayaking Champion, the 1998 Japan Open Champion, and a five-time National Champion. After winning the World Freestyle Kayaking Championships in 1997, Ken began to focus his passion for paddling on the development of instructional tools. Ken is now one of the most influential paddlers in the world, and was recognized as such by Paddler Magazine as one of their “Paddlers of the Century.” He has paddled on over 200 rivers in 15 countries and has ten best-selling, award-winning instructional books and DVDs to his name. Ken has also co-founded an industry-leading kayak school, and an adventure kayaking travel company with a base camp in Chile’s Patagonia region. Ken and his wife Nicole live in Beachburg, Canada, where they run their publishing business - The Heliconia Press. For more information, visit

Howard’s Battle with the Marlin – Watch it Now In High Definition

During shooting of the original Game On movie last year, Howard hooked into a very large blue marlin, and spent the next 5 hours getting towed 11 miles out into the Sea of Cortez.  Although a part of that battle was featured in the Game On movie, the full battle is now available to watch on YouTube in full HD.   Is it ever cool to be able to post and watch video on YouTube in HD!   You do need a good connection speed to do so, but it’s a different viewing experience altogether.