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Temple Fork Outfitter's Axiom Fly Rod

Temple Fork Outfitter's Axiom Fly Rod

We are as pleased as a pepper in patch to welcome TFO: and Rio Fly Lines: to the Game On 2 Team.

The next stop for the crew of Ex Officio’s Game On 2 is Montana for some kayak fly fishing. We are lucky to be partnering with two of the best fly fishing companies in the industry. It is both a  priveledge and a treat for the GO2 team.

I have had experience with both companies products and I use them regularly. That’s important! It would be disingenuous to promote a product that you don’t believe in. We contacted TFO and Rio to partner with us for GO2 because we use and believe in their product.

The fly rods sent by TFO are their new Axiom series:

“Through a proprietary process, Kevlar is sandwiched between two layers of carbon fiber pre-preg. This patented (US patent pending) process helps reduce the ovaling effect a rod blank experiences under load, creating an exceptionally smooth powerful rod with remarkable damping (tip bounce) qualities. The result is ultra high line speed with crisp, clean, accurate loops.

TFO’s Axiom series feature a rich translucent blue blank accentuated with gold script and accents, Flor grade cork (reverse half wells on the 5, full wells with decorative burl rings on the 6, 8 and 10), gun metal blue up-locking reel seat and large stripping guides with gold titanium oxide inserts.”

We will be using 5 and 6 wt Axiom rods for the Montana trip along with TFO’s Prism Large Arbor reels.

Prism Large Arbor Reel

Prism Large Arbor Reel

Our rods and reels from TFO will be outfitted with only the best fly lines and leaders in the industry, and that means products from Rio. We will be using Rio Gold…
“The Ultimate Fly Line. A revolutionary taper design allows tremendous loop stability at distance and a unique weight distribution loads a rod at close range for easy casting. The front taper delivers perfect turnover and presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2, making this the best general purpose, all round fly line on the market.
The long back taper is excellent for mending and for roll and single handed spey casting and the color change between the head and the running line makes it easy to find the perfect load point for each cast.

The lines features RIO’s new Extreme Slickness Technology for an extraordinarily slick, dirt-repelling coating; in addition RIO’s AgentX and Super Floatation Technologies ensure the line tip and running line remain floating high. As with all of RIO’s premier trout lines a small, neat welded loop in the front end makes it easy to change leaders.”

RIO Color LogoWe can’t wait to get to Montana and get after those trout.  We look forward to the trip and will update you as the “make ready” continues!


Texas Part Deux: Heroes on the Water


I usually don’t have a big problem with deadlines. In fact, I actually pride myself on the ability to “get it done” in a timely fashion. However, with this blog entry I have done the old Stop n Go like a UPS truck at Christmas time. The hiccups and false starts are not a matter of motivation. Rather, I have found the subject matter exceedingly difficult to condense and quantify while giving the topic the respect and gravity it deserves. This is a fishing blog. This is a movie blog. This is a blog about kayaks… But, the second half of the Texas trip for Kayak Fishing:  Game On 2 was so much more than that.

The GO2 crew was invited to come help take injured veterans of the US Armed Forces kayak fishing. When you are asked to help veterans individual politics are put away. Whatever your thoughts on war, peace, and government might be, there is no place for politics in helping the young adults who serve their country. Everyone involved with Game On 2 was honored to have the opportunity to participate in taking wounded Iraqi war vets kayak fishing for a few days.

The event in Vanderbilt was facilitated and organized by Heroes on the Water:

The Game On crew drove down from Galveston to Vanderbilt to find winds at 25 knots and a forecast for increasing winds throughout the weekend. Not ideal conditions to put folks in kayaks for the very first time, but we’d make due. The Soldiers were bused in from San Antonio, and a slew of Who’s Who in kayaking had gathered at the Ranch of Will Manske’s family to entertain these veterans for a few days.

Let me state this clearly; the fishing sucked. It was terrible, the weather was terrible, and the water levels were terrible. But, the experience, opportunity, and the soldiers we took fishing were utterly fantastic. We all lamented the horrible conditions and the fact that getting good kayak-fishing footage was gonna be next to impossible, but everyone realized quickly that the focus was on entertaining the soldiers and making some new friends. The other stuff quickly became secondary.

Note: No names of the soldiers participating are included at the request of the commanding officer.

We met some of Americas finest over those few wind-blown days. While we were mostly relegated to helping soldiers fish from the banks we did get the veterans into kayaks in small protected waters. Most importantly we were able to put smiles on some faces and make the veterans feel like part of the gang.
It was evident that these soldiers were enjoying themselves, while all the professional kayakers aided and abetted the fun in any way they could. Only a few fish were landed, but tons of laughs, and friends were netted on the banks of the Lavaca bay marsh.

On the second night we turned on the fishing lights and hit the Lavaca River with some of the soldiers. Trout started popping bait under the lights and soon everyone was getting a tug on their line. As the fish started coming to hand, a classic Texas fishing tradition started: the good old’ Fishing/Pissing contest. Every time one of the soldiers caught a fish they clamored and bragged to their buds.


One of America's finest. Photo by K. Larson


Longhorn being interviewed by Jim. Photo by K. Larosn

One soldier, who we’ll call “Longhorn” (the young man loved all things associated with Texas University) may be the best smack talker I have ever seen. He delighted in catching multiple trout while I “the pro” was trying to hook up a fish. A relentless barrage of smack talk was unleashed in that good natured competition that happens on docks and piers. It was truly priceless entertainment. And I like to believe everyone there forgot every care and concern in the world, for a few minutes anyway. Longhorn and the other soldiers were having a blast. One particular comment stands out in my mind. Just as a good fish was caught by Longhorn he opined: “Who needs therapy when you can fish?” His buddy laughed and quickly responded: “Hell yeah! F**k Prozac! Go fishing!”


An enormous amount of thanks needs to be expressed to Will Manske and his family for their hospitality and graciousness in hosting the event. Likewise, a huge “gracias” to Jim Dolan, his wife, Danny Paschal and Kendall Larson from Heroes on the Water. All the guys at HOW should be recognized for their efforts in putting this event together and their continued endeavors to help veterans.

The host with the most... Will Manske. Photo by K Larson

The host with the most... Will Manske. Photo by K Larson

Jim helping a soldier. Photo by K Larson

Jim helping a soldier. Photo by K Larson