Chad Hoover

NEW Reality Series: That’s Knot Right with Chad Hoover

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Chad Hoover—host of Knot Right Kayak Fishing on NBC Sports and Kayak Bassin’ on The World Fishing Network—is one of the most passionate and talented hunters and anglers that you’ll ever meet, and one of the funniest and most entertaining personalities in the outdoor industry. But it’s a fact that Chad Hoover sees the world from a different perspective than most, which has earned him the nickname ‘Knot Right’. Based out of his HOOK1 fishing store in Nashville, TN, That’s Knot Right is a reality show that follows the funny-man on his hunting, fishing, and day-to-day adventures in the southeast.

Season 1 of That’s Knot Right has 6 episodes. New episodes will be released on CarbonTV every Tuesday morning, starting Tuesday, November 18th.

Watch the trailer and the pilot episode here: