Heading to Africa

At this time next week I will have finished about 24 hours of travel and will be with my good friend and fishing buddy Jeff Herman. We will be at our most remote location yet, Uganda in Africa. We will be hitting some rivers as well as Lake Victoria chasing, a new species for both of us, Nile Perch.
Here is a photo of a Nile Perch caught at one of the locations we will be visiting, just last week.

I hope we can get one this big

I hope we can get one this big

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Delorme has set us up with a Delorme GPS and InReach 2 way communicator so you can not only follow our travels but also know exactly when we are getting on the fish.

This is a remote trip, thankfully we are all set to keep our cameras and other electronics powered up with gear from Goal Zero. It is nice to know all we need is a sunny day to keep our equipment running.

Our host Jamie Simpson is a Pro Staff level whitewater paddler, one of the few people that has chased Nile Perch from a kayak, and best of all, he is heck of a good guy! He has a great outfit called Kayak the Nile check them out on the web at Kayak the

This is going to be a great adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

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Actually find us on the water and we may toss you a spool of Seaguar flourocarbon.