Patrick Sebile

Tips from Patrick Sebile

We recently fished in Florida with Patrick Sebile. During some down time, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Patrick gave us a run down on how to rig his AT Worm. There are so many ways to rig the AT Worm we had to break the video up into several segments.
Here is Part One of How to Rig the Sebile AT worm so it can walk the dog.

A week in Florida with Patrick Sebile and Sandy

I had the pleasure a couple weeks ago of spending time with an awesome world class fisherman, Patrick Sebile, and a real bitch named Sandy.

I have known Patrick Sebile for several years and have been fishing with his lures a long time with great success. When Patrick invited me down to his home in Fort Pierce Florida I jumped at the chance to fish with him,  Sandy on the other hand was an unwelcome uninvited guest who was a real blow hard.

One of the issues we have when making plans for our shoots is that we have to plan the trips well in advance, going for times of historic good weather and good fishing. Unfortunately weather is always the variable and on this trip what was, when we arrived, tropical storm Sandy quickly increased in power and became hurricane Sandy.

Jim and Patrick Sebile with an fun little redfish

Though the wind was blowing pretty strong at the beginning of the trip we were still able to find enough shelter and get on some fish. Now if you did not know, Patrick Sebile is an internationally known angler with over 700 species on his catch list and holding over 300 fishing records. When you have a chance to fish with someone of that caliber you do a lot of listening. Patrick has designed many lures and he was happy to give me advise on the best ways to fish each of these lures for different presentations. Thankfully we had a camera rolling for most of the time because there is no way I was going to remember all he had to say.

Patrick with Two Jacks on one Stick Shad

Not to be beaten I did the same

After a couple of days of dodging the wind behind mangroves and getting our fill of trout, jacks, small snook and redfish, Sandy moved in with a vengeance and kept us indoors for two days. Again this was just an opportunity for me to learn more about lure design and listen to stories of Patrick’s fishing adventures all around the world.

Once the brunt of the storm past, the winds were still too high for us to fish the open waters so we opted for another location and doing some freshwater fishing on Blue Cypress Lake. I have fished an awful lot of places while shooting our show and I think this place was near of the coolest places I have had the chance to paddle. Visually it was just striking with the trees growing up out of the water and the never ending bird life, not to mention the occasional alligator.

Patrick whacking the bass on the stick shad

Jim doing some scouting

Jim fishing the heavy cover with the Magic Swimmer Soft

Wind was still a bit of an issue here but with the OK tridents we could paddle over the thickest cover to find some shelter. The Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft was perfect for tossing into this thick cover as it fishes totally weedless. While I was looking for cover Patrick found an area of bass that he tore up on a Stick Shad, literally putting on a clinic on how to catch fish, landing fish on cast after cast.

Patrick cruising around the trees

Patrick Sebile pulling one from the weeds

With just one day of fishing left on the trip and the wind still blowing and now the air temps dropping ten camera man, Will, and I tried to get in some last hours of fishing. This time we tried some small over grown canals that offered plenty of shelter from the wind, alas it also offered no fish. I am not kidding when I say paddling these canals was like being in a maze, with dead ends and misleading paths. After an hour of so of paddling around we finally escaped the labyrinth to find the wind had dropped off a bit and things just started to look fishy.

Working some of these fishy areas, I was able to have the best fishing of the trip getting some bigger Jacks, Ladyfish and my biggest trout. I also had a double hookup on small jacks, two jacks on one lure. Tossing the Sebile Magic Swimmer hard got me my bigger fish and the Stick Shad was a consistent producer. I also was broken off on a bigger fish that I think was the big Snook we were hoping for for the trip.

Jims biggest trout of the trip

For the most part my gear of choice on this trip was an Abu Garcia Revo Sx loaded with Kanzen Braid 20 pound and a 30 pound Seaguar flouro leader. The rod was a Abu Garcia Veritas. I also landed a lot of my fish on a Penn Battle Spinner loaded with 20 pound Kanzen braid and 20 pound seaguar leader.

Our kayaks of choice were the Ocean Kayak Trident 13 rigged with Scotty Rocket launcher rod holders and their new bait boards.  Will got to use the OK Torque to shoot from and had days running for over 10 hours on a single charge of the battery.

The go to lures were the Sebile Stick Shad 90mm and the soft and hard Magic swimmers..

Lots of sight fishing here in cloudy conditions so I mainly wore my Maui Jim Longboards with the HT lens.

My Exofficio Sol Cool Shirt kept me safe from sun and kept the bugs off too and the Rain Logic jacket kept me warm and dry when the rain poured.

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