Thanks to our sponsors

I sometimes feel like the luckiest guy on the planet .

I have a great wife and two wonderful kids that support the life I have chosen as a traveling fishing guide and ambassador for the sport I love. I have been able through their support to turn this one time hobby into my livelihood. Over the years I have been able to work with some of  the top companies in the industry such as      Ocean Kayak,  Shimano and Maui Jim to name a few.

My dreams really came true a couple of years ago when I met Ken Whiting of Heliconia Press and we started talking about ideas for a new kayak fishing movie. After spending time kicking around ideas we decided on a format, which by the way changed on a regular basis. A  little over a year of hard work later and we had our movie Game On finished and on the market. I feel so bless that I have been able to work with everyone involved in this project, Ken, Will and Brendan from the production company and all the great people we have fished with and met along the way. 

The response, from the minute we put out our first clip on youtube, to Game On was so good that we immediately started planning Game On 2. More great locations and cool people to fish with are in the works.

My job, during the breaks between shoots, has been to knock on doors and scrounge around for ideas for potential new sponsors for our project.  And again the response has been nothing short of fantastic. The sponsors we had on board for the first movie are with us again and we have added several new ones as well. One sponsor that I was very excited about was Sebile lures. I saw Patrick Sebile demonstrating some of his products at a trade show and they looked awesome. He has lures that we can use at every location this year. I ran our project by him and he really liked the idea. I gave him a run down of what we would be doing on our next shoot in Panama and he said he would put together a little package for us to take down. Well little package was certainly an understatement as I received a box of lures that literally buried me alive.

Buried in lures

Buried in lures

I can’t wait to try them out on our trip.

We have so many great sponsors on board with us this year and are adding more, Exofficio, Ocean Kayak  , Shimano, Sebile and many more,  and every one of them deserves a huge thanks for helping us bring this movie to you. Please support those sponsors that are helping us to grow our sport. We will have a full sponsor list up soon. Make sure you visit the Game On site to see all our sponsors from part one and take a look at our new site Kayak Fishing Tales  web tv where you can see a lot of these sponsors products in action.

Off to Panama in two days, Wish us luck