New Season of Seaguars Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge begins January 9th on NBC sports

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Season 2 of Seaguar’s Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge Begins airing January 9th

Following a highly successful first season, season 2 of Seaguar’s Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge kick starts January ninth on NBC Sports, as world-renowned big game kayak anger Jim Sammons hooks up with Ken Whiting and Jeff Goudreau on Wollaston Lake – one of the best trophy pike fisheries in the world.

“NBC Sports Network is excited to be able to offer our viewers a second season of Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge. The series presents this increasingly popular way to enjoy the sport of fishing in a unique and exciting way and it’s a great fit in our line-up of high quality outdoor programs.” Says Jeff Macaluso, Senior Director of New Media Programming at NBC Sports.

Big Pike

Based  out of the Minor Bay Lodge in Northern Saskatchewan, Jim and company experience some of the most incredible fishing action ever, catching hundreds of trophy pike in a single day.  “I’ve heard people say that freshwater fishing isn’t nearly as exciting as saltwater fishing. I’ll bet those people have never fished for monster pike up North.”  exclaims Jim Sammons, host of Seaguar’s Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge.

Watch the action every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. EST on NBC Sports!

Here is a sneak peek of the kind of action you will see on Seaguars Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge

About Seaguar: The inventor and world leader in fluorocarbon fishing line, has expanded its product offerings with the launch of Kanzen™ – an amazingly strong, smooth-casting premium braid line, and Senshi™ – a premium, clear monofilament line that provides the ideal balance of strength and sensitivity.

About Ocean Kayak: Since 1971 Ocean Kayak has been pioneering and revolutionizing sit-on-top kayak designs.  Ocean Kayak offers a variety of sit-on-top models including the popular Trident series.  For more information about Ocean Kayak visit us at or

About Jim Sammons: A San Diego California native and certified fish and game licensed guide, Jim is recognized worldwide as a pioneer of modern day kayak fishing and an expert big game kayak fisherman. With his trademark fedora and his role as the host of the Kayak Fishing Show on WFN, Jim has become the most recognizable kayak angler in North America. But it’s his infectious enthusiasm for the sport, his lively personality and his passion for sharing the sport with others which has made him the most popular kayak angler in the world.

About The Heliconia Press: Since World Champion kayaker Ken Whiting founded the company in 1998, The Heliconia Press has been a leader in outdoors media production.  For more information about Heliconia’s various TV and WebTV series, visit

The Kayak Fishing Show seen World Wide

How is this for crazy. Besides our normal distribution in the US and Canada on WFN and NBC sports The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons will now be available in Italy, Spain, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Chad, Djibouti, Morocco, Tunisia, Somalia Mauritania. Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, and we are in the works with Japan and China. Now if only we could get Cox cable to carry it in San Diego.
Amazing to think of how this sport has grown since I started so many years ago, and how it has really exploded over the past five years. Thanks everyone for watching and for helping us spread the word on the sport we love.

The first episode has aired and the reviews are in.

After the airing of our first episode of The Kayak Fishing Show, I went looking around some of the kayak fishing web sites for some reviews of the show. What I found were mostly fantastic reviews mixed with a few suggestions. Thought I would share some of those reviews with you.

“Just finished watching it on my DVR and the segment was great, can’t wait to see some more.”

That was great!! I have set my DVR to record the whole series.. The 1st episode was really good ,informative and got me nuts since I will be in Panama next week targeting similar species,, Great Job Jim , Congrats , you should be proud!!

Great episode. I saw pics of that episode in kayakfishing magazine. Please give us a heads up for future episodes. The kayak surfing session looked like lots of fun. Something I want to get into this summer.

Now if this doesn’t set a new standard in fishing shows, I don’t know what does! It’s been a long time since I voluntarily watched those dingbats in their $50,000 bass boats yanking out 4 lb. smallies on 30 lb. braid, but still, they’re never ending on WFN. What a kickoff for this series!

What I found good? No deception. They went to Baja, ran into bad weather and reported honestly on what happened during their filming week. A 250 lb. marlin from a kayak? Unbelievable!

I have to agree DGW, is was an honest a varied cast that represented what you can expect when out.. I enjoyed the tips of the day for both Ocean Kayak and Exofficio.. great show and looking forward to more

Pour it on. Looking forward to the Ottawa segment next week.

“Well done Jim, I really enjoyed that. And kudos to Ken and Will at Heliconia Press for bringing this to TV.”

“Good show, now I’m pumped to go yaking.”

Just watched the show in spectacular HD. Looked great! Really showed the size of Howard’s fish – huge! Loved the Heliconia produced commercials. Even C&K got in the act.
Paul Lebowitz

just enjoyed the first episode of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons. Congrats to producer Ken Whiting and director Will Richardson and all the folks at Heliconia Press.

Just saw your show, man! Marlin from a yak? who’da thunk it? Kudos to you guys!!! That’s it, that’s all: come this summer, I’m goin’ after the northern bluefin tunas! Lol!

Great show, Jim! Can’t wait until next week’s episode!

Well that did not disappoint! Howard McKim with a hammerhead, Ken with a beauty roosterfish, then a Howard and Matt double up on a couple marlin… makes me wish it wasn’t January

My hats off to Jim and the lads at Heliconia Press. Game On II should be quite impressive.

Excellent show guy’s.

Enjoyed the show, nice cameo shot of Jamie and a ski. I especially like the tips of the week. Great for promoting the sport and getting new folks to cross over. I want to go to Baja tomorrow 4 hours on one fish I will be glued to each show as with Jamie’s. Was it me or did it seem they where pretty calm landing these fish. You would have heard me in the jungles of South America if I hooked into any of those beast.

I enjoyed the show this morning, great way to start the day.

I just added the channel last night to get the show, and it was well worth it.

…Great Show

jim, you are the man….keep up the good work.

Congrats Jim,
Really fine job. You should be proud. keep it up you make us look good.

As a HYBERNATOR in JERSEY, I will welcome any KAYAK FISHING adventure/show to pass the time during the winter months.
I’m glad that this is a beginning of a fruitfull adventure. I hope that many more excitefull shows will come forward.

I give it a 8/10 due to the fact that it’s nice to finally watch kayak fishing on tv while I’m nicely iced in here in Ontario and my kayak is buried by 2′ of snow in the backyard.

Heliconia are monsters! Really impressive!

All I can say is “IT’S ABOUT TIME!” Congrats, guys!

To who it may concern..
WOW what a show the other night,
that show on kayak fishing,I fish out of my kayak all the time,but have never seen anything like the saltwater fishing they where
doing,,That show rocks,,Hope to see more of that show.. thanks for the Awesome show and keep up the Great work at WFN

I am so glad folks liked our show and thanks for the kind words. We are always happy to hear input or suggestions so please send them our way.
In next weeks episode we will be on the Ottawa river, running white water and fishing for Pike. You will even get to see me almost drown, which is great TV and fun to talk about now but was the single most scary thing ever to happen to me. I hope you enjoy this next episode of Ocean Kayak presents The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons

Jim Sammons

Show updates- 3 days and counting

Well the date for the first airing of The Kayak Fishing show is only a few days away and too say we are excited would be a huge understatement.
If you would like to see a bit more about the show take a look at this press release, sent out today.

The first show will air on Monday January 11 at 10:30 pm Eastern, 7:30 pm Pacific time zone. I did not realize the show times I posted previously were for Eastern Time zone only. So please adjust those times to your time zone, I know you don’t want to miss the show. 🙂

If you have not had a chance, take a look at our NEW KAYAK FISHING SHOW Website.which is filled with videos, and information about our trips, locations, sponsors, as well as the the guys we fished with. Look for this site to keep growing over the course of the upcoming year so book mark the site and visit often.

I have heard from a few people that the show is not showing up on the TV schedule for Dish network, I have been assured that they are working on that and the show will be on, so no worries there.

I plan on meeting up with some friends and family at a local sports bar to watch it, my cable company does not yet carry WFN.
If your cable provider does not offer WFN at this time, please contact them and let them know you want it, it is your voices that will get us on more TV’s. You can also join our FB group People for the expansion of WFN to all cable providers, which is basically an online petition to the cable providers.

I hope you all have a chance to see the show and enjoy it.
I look forward to hearing what you think of the show.
Have a great weekend.

Jim Sammons

Show Times and Kayak Fishing Tales

With the first airing, on WFN ,of Ocean Kayak presents The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons coming up in just few weeks. We are very excited to announce the show times for the first quarter. The first episode, Baja Big Game, will air for the first time on Monday January 11 at 10:30 pm and will air a total of 6 times before episode two begins. This first episode takes us to The Hotel Punta Colorada in Baja’s East Cape in search of Marlin. I am joined by my good friends Howard McKim and Matt Moyer to target some of the biggest fish ever fought from a kayak.
The airing schedule is as follows.
WFN HD & SD (On Air) 10:30:00 PM Monday, January 11, 2010
WFN HD & SD (On Air) 6:30:00 AM Tuesday, January 12, 2010
WFN HD & SD (On Air) 2:30:00 PM Tuesday, January 12, 2010
WFN HD & SD (On Air) 8:30:00 PM Sunday, January 17, 2010
WFN HD ONLY (On Air) 4:30:00 AM Sunday, January 17, 2010
WFN HD & SD (On Air) 12:30:00 PM Monday, January 18, 2010

Episode 2, Our Alaska Adventure, will begin airing 10:30:00 PM Monday, January 18, 2010 and will follow the same airing schedule. This schedule will continue through all thirteen episodes of our show.
Episode 2 will bring us to Prince of Wales Island and Rocky Bay Lodge for some absolutely amazing fishing action and some close encounters with Humpback and Killer Whales.

Once again we ask, if you are not already getting WFN please contact your cable provider and ask them to start carrying it so you can see ours and a lot of other great fishing shows. If you are not sure if your provider is carrying WFN here is a great place find out, with links to your providers so you can ask them to start carrying it. The World Fishing Network.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about kayak fishing, visit Kayak Fishing Tales Web TV.
Here you will learn some great kayak fishing tips, see some of our unique destinations and meet some of the great people we have had a chance to fish with while shooting our TV show and Exofficio presents Game On 1 and 2, our kayak fishing movies.

Our newest video is now up and you will meet my good friend Kayak Kevin Whitley. He gives us some tips on fishing with live eels for Striped bass in Chesapeake Bay.

You can also see these videos on the WFN Kayak Fishing Tales video page.

At this time we have 20 of these videos on line and will continue to put up new videos about every two weeks. Make sure you visit Kayak Fishing Tales on a regular basis or subscribe to the channel so you will be notified when ever we put a new video up.

If you any questions about kayak fishing or our show please feel free to contact me directly, I am always happy to answer your questions. We are also always looking for the next great kayak fishing destination to visit and shoot for our show, so please forward your ideas.

Jim Sammons
(619) 461-7172

Our Kayak Fishing Story Goes Nationwide!

It’s official! The ‘Kayak Fishing: Game On’ crew is going PRIME-TIME! Jim, Ken and I are all super excited to let you guys out there in blog land be some of the first to know, that the movie is being turned in to a TV series!


Check out the ‘Official Press Release’!

Heliconia Launches Kayak Fishing TV Show on the World Fishing Network (WFN)

July 14, 2009, Beachburg, Ontario – The Heliconia Press, a leading publisher of books and DVDs on outdoor pursuits, is thrilled to announce that starting January, 2010, The Kayak Fishing Show: with Jim Sammons will begin airing on the World Fishing Network (WFN). The 13-episode TV series will be broadcast throughout the year into 25 million North American homes in both standard and high definition.

“The Kayak Fishing Show: with Jim Sammons is the result of two years of production investment,” explains Ken Whiting, Producer of show and President of Heliconia “We’ve been shooting the show in conjunction with the ExOfficio Presents Kayak Fishing: Game On movie series for the past two years with the hopes that it would evolve into a TV series. Needless to say, we’re ecstatic to see this dream come to life and are very optimistic about what this means for the continued growth of the sport.”

The Kayak Fishing Show: with Jim Sammons is a fresh new style of fishing show which is designed to entertain, inspire, educate, and appeal to viewers whether or not they have ever considered fishing from a kayak. Every 30-minute episode follows Jim Sammons on a genuine fishing adventure in a stunning location—from the wild coast of Alaska, to the tropical waters of Panama.

“This is a major step for the sport of kayak fishing,” says Jim Sammons, Star of the kayak fishing show. “It’s recognition from the fishing industry that kayak fishing is more than a passing trend—that the benefits of kayak fishing are real, and participation will continue to grow.”

It’s no surprise that the fishing industry is embracing the sport of kayak fishing. With the current state of both the economy and the environment, anglers are looking for cheaper and less damaging means of enjoying their passion. Not only does kayak fishing address these problems, but anglers are quickly realizing that kayak fishing offers an amazing and productive experience.

About The Heliconia Press
Since World Champion Kayaker Ken Whiting founded the company in 1998, The Heliconia Press has been producing best-selling and award-winning instructional books and videos about kayaking and other outdoor pursuits. The Kayak Fishing Show represents Heliconia’s first foray into the world of TV production. For more information about all of Heliconia’s products, please visit

About WFN
the World Fishing Network is the only 24/7 television channel dedicated to all segments of fishing. Originally launched in December 2005, today WFN and WFNHD are available in more than 25 million households through North American cable, satellite and telecommunications distributors. In the U.S., distributors include Verizon FiOS, Dish Network, Charter Communications, GVTC, and more.