Month: May 2012

Back from the East Coast

We had a great trip with some amazing anglers over in Chesapeake Bay and New Jersey. I was about to write up a trip report when I saw that a couple of the guys on the trip, Kayak Kevin Whitley and Rob Choi had already written their own reports on the Chesapeake segment. So I figure best to just show you what they had to say.

A Motley Crew

Kevins Report

I finally convinced Jim Sammons and Will Richardson producer of the kayak fishing show to come back to the bay and fish for the big reds and film with us. We filmed with them 4 years ago with the Game On movie and couldn’t catch the target. This time if we couldn’t find the reds, we had backup targets.

When we started to talk about dates, i wanted them here a few weeks ago when the reds are predictably in the shallows. This time of year, they can be inside, or out in the deeper water. Those outside areas are out of our paddling range. The date was set for this week, so they could kill two birds with one stone. Jim and Will scheduled a few days with us and then drive up and spend a few days in New Jersey chasing striper.

See the rest of Kevins Report Here.

Robs Report

On the hunt

I knew about the scheduled visit months in advance but only managed to get out for one of the three days that Jim Sammons was in Virginia. In fact, it was the last day and Kevin had been trying to get Jim on big red drum for some time. 
When I walked into the lodge, bags upon bags of gear, rods and reels, and big video cameras were all over the dining room table and spreading out across the floor.  The familiar face of The Kayak Fishing Show along with the producer/videographer and the narrating voice, Will Richardson, and the full Kayak Kevin crew (Kevin, Lee, Damien & Shante) were getting ready to hit the water.  It was an honor to be invited to fish with a legend among legends of this sport.

See the rest of Robs Report here

Thanks guys for helping to make this a great shoot of our show I hope we get to fish together again soon. I will follow up with a report from the New Jersey segement of or shoot later.

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Hey! We are about to leave for a big east coast kayak fishing trip, and you can follow us all the way! Delorme has hooked us up with a GPS tracking system and a live map so you will  be able to follow us on this trip and all our others throughout the year.
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Kayak Fishing; Game On 2 Now Free On Line

With the release this week of ExOfficio presents: Kayak Fishing Game On 4 for sale ,we figured it was a good time to put Game On 2 online for your free viewing pleasure. The movie will be released in four segments on Kayak Fishing Tales over the next few days. The first segment has us fishing for Musky in one of the most beautiful places I have been, the Petawawa river in Canada. In the following segments you you can watch us in catch Tuna in Panama with Pesca Panama, Yellowtail in Northern Baja with Islander Sportfishing, Fly fish in Montana with CG Feldman, and Hanging with the Heroes on the Water guys in Texas, getting some American soldiers out on the water.

Make sure you watch it in Hi Def and Full screen

I hope you enjoy it and please share it with your friends.

Thanks Exofficio, Ocean Kayak, Maui Jim, Scotty , OKUMASeaguar and all our other great sponsors for making our shows possible.

If you have not already seen it the movie that got it all started, Kayak Fishing Game On is also on line in segments for you to see for free.

Kayak Fishing Game On 4 is now available for purchase.

In what can only be called an EPIC year of shooting the Game On crew landed more big fish than we could have ever dreamed. Highlights from the year include Marlin in the East Cape of Baja, more Tarpon than we could count at Silver King Lodge in Costa Rica, Black Marlin and Tuna with Pesca Panama, Giant Sturgeon on the Fraser river with River Sportfishing. and a remote Alaskan Adventure with Ketchikan Kayak Fishing.
All these great adventures are now available for your viewing pleasure on the DVD Kayak Fishing Game On 4 which are ready for shipping. Want a sneak peak, view the exciting trailer now.