Kayak Fishing; Game On 2 Now Free On Line

With the release this week of ExOfficio presents: Kayak Fishing Game On 4 for sale ,we figured it was a good time to put Game On 2 online for your free viewing pleasure. The movie will be released in four segments on Kayak Fishing Tales over the next few days. The first segment has us fishing for Musky in one of the most beautiful places I have been, the Petawawa river in Canada. In the following segments you you can watch us in catch Tuna in Panama with Pesca Panama, Yellowtail in Northern Baja with Islander Sportfishing, Fly fish in Montana with CG Feldman, and Hanging with the Heroes on the Water guys in Texas, getting some American soldiers out on the water.

Make sure you watch it in Hi Def and Full screen

I hope you enjoy it and please share it with your friends.

Thanks Exofficio, Ocean Kayak, Maui Jim, Scotty , OKUMASeaguar and all our other great sponsors for making our shows possible.

If you have not already seen it the movie that got it all started, Kayak Fishing Game On is also on line in segments for you to see for free.

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